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Zine Combo

Includes 4 zines: Combos are sold out but you can still order each zine by itself!

Bumping Butts collaborative drawings zine
    by Ginette Lapalme & Inechi
South West Roadtrip by travel diary comics
    by Inechi & photos by Hellen Jo

Roppongi Nights sketchbook zine by Inechi

It’s too much and not enough porn zine by Inechi

Roppongi Nights
Sketchbook zine by Inechi

Xerox, 20 pp.

    ✰ $9

SW Roadtrip
Travel diary comics by Inechi with photos by Hellen Jo Xerox, 36 pp.

    ✰ SOLD OUT

It’s too much and not enough (18+)

Porn zine by Inechi

B&W + Colour 16 pp.

    ✰ $9

Bumping Butts
Collaborative drawings
by Inechi + Ginette Lapalme
  ✰ Riso, 8 pp.

    ✰ $6