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Alienation Complete Comics set by Inés Estrada

What other cartoonists are saying about this series:

“This powerfully beautiful, sad and scary comic is set in a near future of radical climate change, the end of oil, 24/7 virtual reality and total corporate dominance. In this first installment, a young couple grapples with the confusion of living in a virtual world. He has gruesome flashbacks and hallucinations, while her job as an online erotic dancer puts her in harm’s way when a threatening viewer steals her personal digital info. Alarming, frightening and potent, this comic comes highly recommended.”

  1. -John Porcellino, author of King-Cat Comics

“Estrada's work, judging by the covers, at first seems like it has a transgressive message to get across. But when reading the actual stories, a real humane worldview is communicated---in this story especially”

-Austin English, author of Gulag Casual

And rumour has it that Simon Hanselmann, author of Megg, Mogg and Owl, jacked off to the furry porn scene in issue #3...

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