Alienation by Inés Estrada
Science fiction comic series about a young couple living in a near future in which the internet and virtual reality are inside our brain. An exploration of the intimate connections between ourselves, nature and technology. Self-published in between May 2016 and October 2017 in six issues (32 pages each).

What other cartoonists are saying about this series:

“This powerfully beautiful, sad and scary comic is set in a near future of radical climate change, the end of oil, 24/7 virtual reality and total corporate dominance. In this first installment, a young couple grapples with the confusion of living in a virtual world. He has gruesome flashbacks and hallucinations, while her job as an online erotic dancer puts her in harm’s way when a threatening viewer steals her personal digital info. Alarming, frightening and potent, this comic comes highly recommended.”

  1. -John Porcellino, author of King-Cat Comics

“This felt like an actual horror comic, because it’s about something that’s happening now in our culture—the increasing intersection of digital and ‘real’ life. Estrada taps into the anxiety, and while the series doesn’t feel exactly political, it made me hopeful for the unflinching yet uncynical tone it takes. The cartooning is razor sharp in execution, but humane in tone. Easily my favorite thing I read all year.”

-Austin English, author of Gulag Casual

Rumour has it that Simon Hanselmann, author of Megg, Mogg and Owl, jacked off to the furry porn scene in issue #3... Also different people have compared this comic to Black Mirror (in a positive way).
I wouldn't know ('cus I haven't seen it) but if you like that show, maybe you will like this too.

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