Inechi’s furry commissions

I love drawing animal people and would love to draw some for you! I can draw your anthropomorphic characters or if you don’t have any, I can draw you as any animal you want!

  These commissions are for personal use only, which means you can use them for your online avatar or anything else you want as long as you don’t make merch with them or don’t use them for anything commercial like your album or book cover.

  I will be working on a pay what you want basis. Send me the amount you want to gatosaurio at via paypal and afterwards an email with references for what you want. No trades, only USD! Thank you : )

   I will draw ANYTHING, but please keep in mind that the less you pay, the more creative freedom I will take. Any commission over $20 will have the choice of being mailed to you for no extra cost!

  Here are some examples of what you can get:

  1. $5 examples:

  1. $10 examples:

  1. $20 examples:

  1. $50 examples:

  1. $100 examples:

  1. $200 examples: